Freelance SEO Consultant

Tom Crewe

Freelance SEO Consultant

After spending the last few years as the Head of SEO at a digital agency, I am now available as a freelance SEO consultant and content marketing specialist.

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I am genuinely passionate about SEO and Content Marketing. I have been planning and implementing successful strategies for a wide variety of clients for over seven years.


My offering is flexible, whether you need a one-off audit or a monthly retainer. Get in touch with me to talk about how we can improve your organic search performance together.

My SEO Consultancy Process

Contact me

Get in touch with me for an initial chat about what you are trying to achieve and how SEO can be a part of your strategy.

My analysis

With your objectives in mind, I will put together my proposed SEO strategy using any data you make available to me.

Pitch meeting

We will arrange a meeting, either online or in person, where I will present my ideas for your website's SEO strategy.

Work begins

We will set targets together and I can get straight to work on the strategy agreed upon in the pitch meeting.

What People Say

Gareth, Smile Stories

Tom perfectly navigated us out of a curious business position where we merged 3 separate websites into a single new one ... and we’re delighted with the result.

Ben, Good Oaks Home Care

It is reassuring to have someone so knowledgeable and experienced managing the SEO on our site.


Tom is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. His sound advice gets the results you want. Highly recommended from me.

Contact Tom

Thank you for submitting. I will get back to you ASAP.

Freelance SEO Consultant Services

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If you want to get a better understanding of how your website is performing in terms of Search Engine Optimisation and a roadmap to improving it, I provide a wide variety of audits which are always bespoke to your website. SEO audits can include, but are not limited to:

  • Keyword audits

  • Technical SEO audits

  • Backlink audits

  • Content audits

  • Competitor audits


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If you want people to be able to find your business online, you need to know exactly what they are searching for. I use a variety of tool, including Google Keyword Planner and Semrush, to conduct extensive keyword research.


I look to discover the right keywords that will drive traffic that converts. By analysing search intent, search volumes, current ranking positions and competitiveness, I find the keywords you should be targeting to achieve your business goals. 

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Once we know which keywords you are trying to rank for, I dig into any existing landing pages, and create new landing pages where necessary, that are perfectly optimised towards your target keywords.


My optimisation process is incredibly comprehensive, and I go far beyond simple keyword optimisation to achieve ranking increases that get the right users to your website. 

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If you want your website to rank well, you need to ensure that Googlebot (Google's crawler) is given clear and concise signals on how the site should be crawled and indexed first.


Beyond crawling and indexing, there are plenty of other benefits to technical SEO that can help improve rankings, often site wide. From schema to site speed, I provide clear recommendations with as much detail and data as possible to ensure the right changes are made.

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My content marketing strategies are focussed on what your business is trying to achieve and what your audience is actually searching for.


I take a strategic approach to ensure that all content, whether it be regular blogging, larger whitepapers or commercially focussed landing pages, performs well and adds value.


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Backlinks are still a strong signal of a website's authority and quality, and Google's algorithm takes them into consideration when deciding rankings. 

Building backlinks takes time, effort and patience. My link building strategies more often than not go hand in hand with content marketing, as it's important to have the right offering in order to achieve a genuine backlink.


If you are trying to rank in a particular area, such as your local town or city, a local SEO approach will be needed. Ranking in Google's local pack or at the top of any localised search requires a structured, localised approach.

I ensure local people can find your business by creating local landing pages, optimising Google My Business profiles, building local backlinks and more.


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I have managed many successful website migrations over the years, from domain migrations to website design or platform migrations. Ensuring organic traffic and rankings are retained during the migration process takes a strategic approach.

I have also helped many website owners to recover after an unsuccessful website migration, starting with an analysis to discover what went wrong, then building a plan of attack to regain visibility.


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Google's algorithm changes every single day, but bigger, core algorithm updates can have a massive impact on a website's visibility, resulting in a loss of rankings, traffic and conversions.

If your site has been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update, I can help formulate an SEO strategy that will regain rankings, traffic and convesions over time.


Thank you for submitting. I will get back to you ASAP.

Contact Tom

Contact Tom

Thank you for submitting. I will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently asked questions

What is SEO consulting?

SEO consulting (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation consulting’) is a service in which an SEO consultant (such as myself) puts together and implements a strategy to attract more organic traffic from Search Engines to their clients websites, with the end goal of increasing conversions through the website.

What do SEO consultants do?

SEO consultants are responsible for keeping up to date with Google’s (and other Search Engines such as Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!) algorithm in order to advise and implement a strategy which improves their clients organic visibility in the Search Engines. Google has various ‘ranking factors’ which help it to determine which websites should rank higher than the others for specific keywords. It’s an SEO’s job to understand those ranking factors and ensure their client’s websites rank high and perform well. An SEO consultant would generally be looking at technical SEO to ensure the website is set up according to SEO best practice, keyword research to understand how the audience searches, on page optimisation to improve rankings of specific landing pages, content marketing to attract new organic traffic and support the rankings of other landing pages and link building to improve the overall authority of the website.

What to ask SEO consultants?

When considering which SEO consultant to use, there are several questions you can ask to gauge their competence and ability. First, ask them what their main objective is when working on a website. If they only mention keyword rankings or traffic and don’t talk about conversions, they might be focussing on the wrong thing. You can also ask them to detail a successful strategy, including how they decided on that particular strategy, what they did and what they achieved. They should be able to tell their stories of success if they have any. Finally, ask them what their output will be each month. If they are only sending you monthly KPI reports and not asking for you to look at technical audits or approve content changes, then they might not be doing enough to make a difference on your website!

How to hire a freelance SEO consultant

The process for hiring a freelance SEO consultant (like myself) is pretty straightforward. Once you have decided that SEO is the right digital marketing strategy for you, simply get in touch with me by emailing to arrange an initial chat. Once I have an understanding of what you are trying to achieve, I will put together a proposal which details the work that needs to be done and what we are trying to achieve. If you are happy with the strategy, I get to work straight away. I am based in Bournemouth but work with clients across the whole of the UK.