Freelance SEO Consultant and Content Marketing Specialist
Hello, my name is Tom Crewe. I’m a ...

Freelance SEO Consultant

Ex-agency Head of SEO, now helping businesses to increase organic traffic, revenue and conversions as a Freelance SEO Consultant and Content Marketing Specialist.

Freelance SEO Consultant

A little about Tom Crewe

UK based Freelance SEO Consultant and Content Marketing Specialist

I am genuinely passionate about SEO and Content Marketing. I’m an ex-agency Head of SEO and have been planning and implementing successful strategies for a wide variety of clients for over ten years.

I have made the most of my time as an SEO Consultant so far, having been the lead on huge audits for enterprise level clients, crafted long-term strategies for SMEs and built strong relationships with my clients in varying industries, from ecommerce and service businesses to news publishers and marketing agencies.

My offering is flexible, whether you need a one-off SEO audit or a monthly retainer. Get in touch with me to talk about how we can improve your organic search performance together.

Why choose me as your Freelance SEO Consultant?


When you work with me, you’re working directly with a senior SEO expert with over 10 years of experience. I’m not just the person you speak to in meetings, I’m the one working on your site too.


Working with me means you have someone to hold accountable for the success of your website’s organic performance. I take my responsibility seriously and strive to ensure you are 100% satisfied with my service.


I pride myself on my strong reputation within the SEO industry, with 5 star reviews, contributions to industry leading SEO publications, strong client relationships and a proven track record for getting results.

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My SEO Consultancy Process

Contact me

Get in touch with me for an initial chat about what you are trying to achieve and how SEO can be a part of your strategy.

My analysis

With your objectives in mind, I will put together my proposed SEO strategy using any data you make available to me.

Pitch meeting

We will arrange a meeting, either online or in person, where I will present my ideas for your website’s SEO strategy.

Work begins

We will set targets together and I can get straight to work on the strategy agreed upon in the pitch meeting.

Want to talk to me about a project?


David Ramsey

Radcliffe Group

Working alongside our internal team and web development agency, Tom has managed to find the technical problems on our main website and across our journal websites, recommend a strong strategy for fixing them and guide our web developers to implement the changes. Since working with Tom, we have seen strong recovery in our organic traffic which is still growing by the day.

Emily Jacobs

G.H.BASS Europe

We used Tom to help us migrate our website from the Magento platform to Shopify. It has been a huge success. Tom advised us on what we needed to do pre move and then closely monitored the website post move with regular updates and if he had any areas of concern. I would 100% recommend his services for any web migration projects.

Andy Seddon

Commercial Washrooms

I have worked as a client of Toms for a number of years and have found him one of the most approachable and knowledgeable SEO specialists I have come across. His thirst to understand and keep abreast of technical SEO issues is second to none. I would highly recommend!

Sarah Howes

Good Oaks Home Care

Tom has been brilliant to work with, he is very proactive and is always suggesting ways we can improve our websites ranking. He is very reliable and is always on top of things. Would definitely recommend him to others.

Gareth Edwards

Smile Stories

Tom perfectly navigated us out of a curious business position where we merged 3 separate websites into a single new one … and we’re delighted with the result. We’ve had a 6-12 month head start on our Google ranking because of this.

Matt Fisher

LiveWell Dorset

Tom’s a top quality SEO specialist whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. It was assuring to know that his safe pair of hands were maintaining and growing my website’s SERP ranking. His activity had us ranking in position zero or one for multiple key competitive search terms nationally.

Himanshu Karode

Axis House

Having worked with Tom when I was working at Axis House, the main objective was to improve visibility of our keywords and bring them higher on SERP. I can gladly say that we achieved #1 position for one of our key search term. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to enhance their SEO.

Clients I've worked with...

M&S Corporate Gifts
Manutan UK
Montezumas Chocolate
Radcliffe Cardiolology
G H Bass & Co
GRV Media
Southampton Airport
Commercial Washrooms

My career in Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing so far…

seo consultant bournemouth

After an initial introduction to the world of SEO when working in-house at a leading law firm, I joined a Bournemouth based full-service digital agency in January 2015. I started working on SEO and PPC campaigns for a variety of clients, but I found SEO to be my true passion.

After four years, I worked my way up to become the agency’s Head of SEO, taking the lead on all SEO strategies. Working in a full-service digital agency for so many years has allowed me to gain a strong understanding of the wider digital landscape and how SEO works with other digital marketing channels such as PPC, Social, UX and Email.

I am now a Freelance SEO Consultant helping a wide variety of clients to improve their website’s organic performance through Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing.

How I can help you

My role as an independent SEO expert is to create an SEO strategy for your website which improves your visibility in the search engines, therefore enabling more of your customers to find and purchase your products and services.

I create the SEO plan, make recommendations and implement the strategy, acting as an extension of your team and taking full ownership of SEO. Contact me today to find out how I can help you to improve your website’s organic performance.

Freelance SEO Consultant Services


SEO Audits

If you want to get a better understanding of your website’s SEO performance and how to improve it, I conduct keyword, content, technical, competitor, backlink audits and more.

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Keyword Research

I look to discover the right keywords that will drive high-converting traffic. I use a variety of tools, including Google Keyword Planner and Semrush, to conduct extensive keyword research.

Read more

Technical SEO

If you want your website to rank well, you need to ensure that Googlebot (Google’s crawler) is given clear and concise signals on how the site should be crawled and indexed first.

Read more

Content Marketing

My Content Marketing strategies are focussed on what your business is trying to achieve and what your audience is searching for, whether that be blogs, whitepapers or landing pages.

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On Page Optimisation

Once we know which keywords to target, I dig into any existing landing pages, and create new landing pages where necessary, that are perfectly optimised towards your target keywords.

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Website Migrations

I have managed many successful website migrations over the years, from domain migrations to website design or platform migrations, ensuring organic traffic and rankings are retained.

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Algorithm Recovery

If your site has been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update or a failed migration, I can help formulate an SEO strategy that will regain rankings, traffic and conversions over time.

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Local SEO

To rank in a particular town, city or county a local SEO approach is needed. Ranking in Google’s local pack or at the top of any localised search requires a structured, localised approach.

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Link Building

My outreach strategies more often than not go hand in hand with Content Marketing, as it’s important to have the right offering in order to achieve a genuine and authoritative backlink.

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Not sure what you need? Don't worry.

If you're fairly new to SEO and aren't sure where to start, I can help. My role is to create a successful SEO strategy so you don't have to.

Some of the sectors I work in...


Healthcare Sector

Having worked with a wide variety of different healthcare providers and businesses, I have developed a real specialism when it comes to Healthcare SEO.

Healthcare SEO

Legal Sector

I have experience working in-house, agency-side and as a freelance consultant for UK law firms specialising in both civil and criminal law.

Law Firm SEO

Ecommerce Sector

My experience in Ecommerce SEO is vast, from working with large, multinational Ecommerce websites to smaller, UK focussed sites.

Ecommerce SEO

I work directly with clients and with agencies...

SEO Consultant for clients

Working as an extension of your internal team

I work with most of my clients directly and act as an extension of their internal team. For some clients, I am considered the ‘Head of SEO’, working alongside technical and content teams to lead the success of the SEO strategy. For other clients, I am the only person working on SEO, from strategy to content and technical.


I am here to support you and your business, providing the SEO services you need to boost your organic performance.

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SEO Consultant for agencies

Providing a white label service or referral partner

I work with several agencies in different ways. For some, I provide white label services for their clients, working alongside the developers, paid media specialists and other digital experts within the agency to create a successful strategy for their clients. For others, I work as a referral partner, working directly with the clients they send me.


If you want to discuss how I can help to expand your agencies SEO services, get in touch

Find out more

Why choose Tom as your Freelance SEO Consultant?


My success is measured on a number of KPIs, from keyword rankings to organic traffic increases, but my focus is always on the end goal, which is to make organic traffic a more profitable channel for your business and to achieve a higher rate of leads, conversions and sales.

Highly experienced

There isn’t much I haven’t seen in SEO. Having spent most of my SEO years agency-side, I have worked on some incredibly interesting projects, from helping ecommerce businesses to break monthly revenue records to creating position 1 on-page SEO strategies for service-based websites.

Digital expert

I developed my skills alongside some of the best developers, designers, paid advertising specialists, social media experts, email marketeers and digital strategists in the industry to create websites, campaigns and strategies that achieve fantastic results across all digital channels.

Honest and reliable

I have heard too many horror stories from clients that have received a less than satisfactory SEO service in the past, which is why I never over-promise or under-deliver. I am straight-talking and make decisions based on data, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible service.

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Why choose an SEO Freelancer over an SEO Agency?

seo freelancer

Deciding whether you want to work with an SEO Agency or an SEO Freelancer will come down to a number of factors, including budget, output required and the skills you are looking for. There are certainly advantages to both, but an SEO Freelancer can provide a service which is as good as, if not better, than an SEO Agency.

Having worked at an agency for 7 years, I am able to provide an agency-level service at a freelancer price. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider working with me as an SEO Freelancer rather than choosing to work with an SEO Agency:


  • When you work with me, you know that a highly experienced SEO is working on your website, rather than the work being passed down to more junior members of the team
  • I have a network of other digital marketing freelancers that I work with who can step in to provide additional support such as PPC and Social Media Advertising, Web Design and Development, User Experience and more whenever required
  • With less overheads, my prices are more competitive than SEO Agencies
  • I have the same tools, skills and capabilities as an SEO Agency
  • Having worked at an agency for 7 years, I have gained experience working with enterprise level businesses as well as SMEs

I’m based in Bournemouth, Dorset, but I service clients throughout the UK, from London to Liverpool, and am always available for online meetings via Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or your preferred video-chatting app or can join your team on Slack or similar chat apps. Contact me for a free initial chat about how I can help your company to increase ROI through SEO.

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07876 534145

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Freelance SEO Consultant FAQs

What is SEO?

SEO (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’) is a digital marketing strategy which focuses on improving a website’s organic visibility in the Search Engines. It requires detailed research to understand which keywords users are searching to find the products and services you provide and a well planned strategy to ensure your website appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when users search for those keywords.

At a very basic level, SEO involves creating high-quality, well-optimised content (blogs and landing pages), ensuring your website has a strong technical foundation and building backlinks from other websites.

The end goal with SEO is to improve keyword rankings and increase organic traffic and conversions.

What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation consulting’) is a service in which an SEO Consultant (such as myself) puts together and implements a strategy to attract more organic traffic from Search Engines to their client’s websites, with the end goal of increasing conversions through the website.

What do SEO Consultants do?

SEO consultants are responsible for keeping up to date with Google’s (and other Search Engines such as Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!) algorithm in order to advise and implement a strategy which improves their client’s organic visibility in the Search Engines. Google has various ‘ranking factors’ which help it to determine which websites should rank higher than the others for specific keywords. It’s an SEO’s job to understand those ranking factors and ensure their client’s websites rank high and perform well.

An SEO consultant would generally be looking at technical SEO to ensure the website is set up according to SEO best practice, keyword research to understand how the audience searches, on page optimisation to improve rankings of specific landing pages, Content Marketing to attract new organic traffic and support the rankings of other landing pages and link building to improve the overall authority of the website.

What to ask SEO Consultants

When considering which SEO consultant to use, there are several questions you can ask to gauge their competence and ability. First, ask them what their main objective is when working on a website. If they only mention keyword rankings or traffic and don’t talk about conversions, they might be focussing on the wrong thing.

You can also ask them to detail a successful strategy, including how they decided on that particular strategy, what they did and what they achieved.

Finally, ask them what their output will be each month. If they are only sending you monthly KPI reports and not asking for you to look at technical audits or approve content changes, then they might not be doing enough to make a difference on your website.

How to hire a Freelance SEO Consultant?

The process for hiring a Freelance SEO Consultant (like myself) is pretty straightforward. Once you have decided that SEO is the right digital marketing channel for you, simply get in touch with me by emailing to arrange an initial chat. Once I have an understanding of what you are trying to achieve, I will put together a proposal which details the work that needs to be done and what we are trying to achieve. If you are happy with the strategy, I get to work straight away. I am based in Bournemouth but work with clients across the whole of the UK.

Are you a Content Marketing Consultant as well as an SEO Consultant?

Yes, Content Marketing always has been and very much still is a big part of what I do. When done correctly, Content Marketing opens up a new avenue for your audience to find you organically, supports the rankings of your highest priority keywords and attracts backlinks naturally, therefore increasing the strength of your domain overall.

I have been creating successful Content Marketing campaigns for over ten years, helping my clients to drive more traffic, leads and sales through their website. Whether it be regular blogging or larger whitepapers, I create content that appeals to the audience and contributes to the overall objectives of the SEO strategy.

How quickly should you expect results from SEO?

If you’ve ever spoken to an SEO, you’ve probably heard the ‘it depends’ answer to a question you’ve asked. This is one of those questions. The speed in which you see results from SEO will depend on a lot of different factors, including the competitiveness of your industry, the current condition of your website / content and the timing of Google’s algorithm updates. In most cases, SEO is a long-term commitment involving a lot of testing, analysis and implementation. While you can see instant, overnight results on some keywords simply by creating the right landing page to target them, you shouldn’t expect SEO to transform your business that quickly. Clients that see SEO as a long-term, ongoing commitment rather than a short-term, one-off project are the ones that see the real benefits of SEO.

You can expect monthly reports from me detailing progress, which can focus in on the smaller wins that have likely been influenced by specific actions (e.g. X keyword increased by X positions after optimising X page, which has since seen an X increase in traffic and conversions) as well as bigger picture reporting which measures rankings, organic traffic and conversions across the site as a whole, looking at both year-over-year and month-over-month comparisons. This constant analysis helps us to better understand what is working and what isn’t, as well as ensuring full transparency between consultant and client in terms of website performance.

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