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A simple content marketing tip for emerging SaaS brands

Tom Crewe imageTom Crewe
September 13, 2022

My experiences working with one of the biggest SaaS brands in the web analytics space taught me that while there are many SEO techniques which can be implemented to improve organic performance, it’s important to identify those activities which are most likely to result in Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) and focus on those.

One content marketing strategy which has been particularly successful for one of my clients is product comparison articles, e.g. ‘Product 1 vs. Product 2’.

This type of article isn’t the biggest traffic driver, but they have the highest conversion rates as users are close to the point of purchase but just need to decide which of their two favourite products is right for them.

For new, emerging brands, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the popularity and credibility of larger competitors.

First, conduct keyword research to identify which products are being compared. Using a keyword research tool, search for ‘[primary competitor name] vs’ – this will pull up a list of keywords that users search to compare your primary competitor against other, related SaaS brands. Then create your article comparing not only those two products, but also your own product.

This is a great way to start to build brand recognition and get your SaaS product to be considered alongside the giants in your industry.

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