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Increase organic transactions and revenue through your online store with Ecommerce SEO. Strategic, results-driven approach.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Ecommerce SEO Consultant

Get SEO support from an ex-agency Head of SEO

My name is Tom Crewe and I’m an ex-agency Head of SEO, now working as a Freelance SEO Consultant. I’ve been working in Ecommerce SEO for around 9 years and it has become a particular specialism of mine, alongside website migrations. Get in touch with me today to start working on a winning SEO strategy for your website.

What makes me an Ecommerce SEO expert?

My experience in Ecommerce SEO is vast. From working with large, multinational Ecommerce websites with complex multilingual and multi-regional setups to smaller, UK focussed sites selling niche products to a very specific audience, my end goal is always the same; to create sustainable and continuous organic growth.

I have helped Ecommerce brands to achieve record-breaking organic revenue figures, see long-term growth in their visibility and reduce their reliance on paid advertising in order to drive sales. I’ve worked on huge migration projects for multilingual and multi-regional Ecommerce websites, conducted SEO audits which have resulted in dramatic increases in organic visibility and implemented impressive long-term SEO strategies whilst building solid relationships with my clients.

Whether you’re on Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix or any other Ecommerce platform, I can help you to grow your organic revenue with Ecommerce SEO.

Want to find out more about how I can help with your Ecommerce SEO strategy? Get in touch today!

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Ecommerce brands I've worked with

Manutan UK
Montezumas Chocolate
G H Bass & Co


Emily Jacobs

G.H.BASS Europe

We used Tom to help us migrate our website from the Magento platform to Shopify. It has been a huge success. Tom advised us on what we needed to do pre move and then closely monitored the website post move with regular updates and if he had any areas of concern. I would 100% recommend his services for any web migration projects.

Andy Seddon

Commercial Washrooms

I have worked as a client of Toms for a number of years and have found him one of the most approachable and knowledgeable SEO specialists I have come across. His thirst to understand and keep abreast of technical SEO issues is second to none. I would highly recommend!

David Ramsey

Radcliffe Group

Working alongside our internal team and web development agency, Tom has managed to find the technical problems on our main website and across our journal websites, recommend a strong strategy for fixing them and guide our web developers to implement the changes. Since working with Tom, we have seen strong recovery in our organic traffic which is still growing by the day.

Gareth Edwards

Smile Stories

Tom perfectly navigated us out of a curious business position where we merged 3 separate websites into a single new one … and we’re delighted with the result. We’ve had a 6-12 month head start on our Google ranking because of this.

Himanshu Karode

Axis House

Having worked with Tom when I was working at Axis House, the main objective was to improve visibility of our keywords and bring them higher on SERP. I can gladly say that we achieved #1 position for one of our key search term. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to enhance their SEO.

Matt Fisher

LiveWell Dorset

Tom’s a top quality SEO specialist whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. It was assuring to know that his safe pair of hands were maintaining and growing my website’s SERP ranking. His activity had us ranking in position zero or one for multiple key competitive search terms nationally.

Sarah Howes

Good Oaks Home Care

Tom has been brilliant to work with, he is very proactive and is always suggesting ways we can improve our websites ranking. He is very reliable and is always on top of things. Would definitely recommend him to others.

Some (but not all) of the Ecommerce platforms I've worked with



Magento (now known as ‘Adobe Commerce’) is one the world’s leading Ecommerce platforms. Whether you’re on Magento 1 or Magento 2, I know my way around the platform well and can be proactive and hands on in implementing optimisation suggestions.



Shopify is a powerful Ecommerce platform with an easy-to-use CMS and great optimisation features. I’ve worked on many Shopify sites and migrations to/from Shopify, so I can quickly start making a real difference to your shop!



WordPress is one of the most used CMS’s in the world, so it’s no surprise that WooCommerce is a popular choice for online stores. I have a great deal of experience with this highly customisable platform and can ensure your WooCommerce store achieves organic success.

Ecommerce SEO services I offer


Ecommerce SEO Strategy

As an experienced Ecommerce SEO Consultant, I can help you to build a strong SEO strategy to ensure your online store sees strong, sustainable organic growth.

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Ecommerce SEO Audits

Auditing your website to understand its strengths, weaknesses and to formulate a plan of attack. From keyword auditing to competitor audits, my approach is bespoke and flexible.

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Technical SEO for Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites can be incredibly complex, from faceted navigation setups to product and category relationships. I ensure your technical SEO setup is strong.

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Ecommerce Website Migrations

From Ecommerce platform migrations to domain, design or structural migrations, I have a thorough process for ensuring you maintain your organic visibility.

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Local SEO for Ecommerce

Perhaps you only deliver products to a specific location or you want to target an affluent region. Whatever your reason for wanting Local SEO for Ecommerce, I can help.

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Ecommerce Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords for your products or categories can make all the difference in Ecommerce SEO. I use multiple data points to identify the right keywords for your Ecommerce store.

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Ecommerce Link Building

Building backlinks to your online store can help to improve its overall authority and ranking, therefore resulting in an increase in traffic and, most importantly, conversions.

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Ecommerce Content Marketing

A strong, well structured content strategy can help to drive more traffic to your site whilst supporting the rankings of your product and category pages.

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Product and Category On Page Optimisation

Optimising your product and category pages so that they rank higher in the SERPs can be the difference between making a sale and missing out to a competitor site.

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More about my approach to Ecommerce SEO

Unless conducting a one-off audit, I work on a retainer model, with the first month or so being heavily research based (keyword research, competitor research, technical auditing etc.) to get a good understanding of your website/industry and to formulate a strategy and set KPIs based on research and data.

After the research phase, the next step is to implement any site-wide changes to page templates, schema, general optimisation, site architecture and more to action the things that will have a site-wide impact.

In most cases, I would then start to create an optimisation plan, identifying opportunities for improvements on individual landing pages that either already exist or need to be created in order to drive more organic traffic/conversions. Alongside these optimisations, supporting content (blog content) will be planned and created and, where required, link building is done alongside the content creation. For e-commerce sites, I often take the approach of focussing on one area (e.g. a particular category of products) at a time to maximise efforts in that area.

I always run any recommendations past my clients first and you’ll receive any optimisation suggestions in a Google Doc before being uploaded. I can manage the upload of content changes etc. myself. I’ll also be carrying out continuous technical, keyword and site-wide analysis throughout the retainer.

You’ll receive a monthly report detailing the work completed as well as an update on keyword rankings (I’ll be tracking a set of keywords defined during the initial keyword research phase), organic traffic and organic conversions/revenue. We can also set up a monthly call to discuss.

I am used to working with in-house teams, agencies and freelancers working in other digital marketing discipline such as PPC, Social and Email to ensure we are all working towards the same goal.

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Ecommerce SEO FAQs

Is SEO important for eCommerce?

Yes, SEO is essential for any Ecommerce store looking to build a long-lasting, successful business. Without SEO, most ecommerce websites end up relying heavily on paid advertising such as Search Ads, Displays Ads and Social Ads.

Which eCommerce platform is best for SEO?

Fortunately, most e-commerce platforms are now built with SEO in mind due to the importance of organic traffic for most online stores. That being said, some of the best e-commerce platforms include WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and Craft Commerce.

Which SEO tools do you use?

I have a number of SEO tools myself, including Semrush, Screaming Frog and of course Google Analytics and Search Console, but I also work with the tools provided by the clients and agencies I work with such as Ahrefs, SE Ranking and more.

What is SEO consulting?

SEO consulting (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation consulting’) is a service in which an SEO Consultant (such as myself) puts together and implements a strategy to attract more organic traffic from Search Engines to their clients websites, with the end goal of increasing conversions through the website.

What is SEO?

SEO (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’) is a digital marketing strategy which focuses on improving a website’s organic visibility in the Search Engines. It requires detailed research to understand which keywords users are searching to find the products and services you provide and a well planned strategy to ensure your website appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when users search for those keywords.

At a very basic level, SEO involves creating high-quality, well-optimised content (blogs and landing pages), ensuring your website has a strong technical foundation and building backlinks from other websites.

The end goal with SEO is to improve keyword rankings and increase organic traffic and conversions.

Are you a Content Marketing Consultant as well as an SEO Consultant?

Yes, Content Marketing always has been and very much still is a big part of what I do. When done correctly, Content Marketing opens up a new avenue for your audience to find you organically, supports the rankings of your highest priority keywords and attracts backlinks naturally, therefore increasing the strength of your domain overall.

I have been creating successful Content Marketing campaigns for over eight years, helping my clients to drive more traffic, leads and sales to their website. Whether it be regular blogging or larger whitepapers, I create content that appeals to the audience and contributes to the overall objectives of the SEO strategy.

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