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Freelance SEO Copywriter

Freelance SEO Copywriter with over 8 years’ experience in creating optimised web copy which is designed to be read, ranked and results driven

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Freelance SEO copywriter Tom Crewe

Copywriting has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. From writing stories about pirates and monsters as a child to entering writing competitions such as the Bridport Prize as an adult, my love of scribbling stories has been with me since the beginning. This has put me in good stead throughout my career in SEO, as copywriting is a big part of optimising your website for Search Engines such as Google.

I started my career in SEO as a copywriter, creating blogs for various clients about their products and services. I have perfected my SEO copywriting style over the years and have a scientific approach to writing copy in order to achieve visibility in the Search Engines and drive organic traffic and conversions whilst still being clear, concise and relatable to the user.

I have vast amounts of SEO copywriting experience in a wide variety of industries, from travel and leisure to finance, FMCG, technology and marketing. I’m based in Bournemouth, UK but am available to write SEO copy for businesses and brands across the UK.

My SEO Copywriting Process

Writing Search Engine friendly web copy requires a very specific approach. It’s not just about keyword optimisation, although that is part of it, but it also requires detailed research to understand what Google deems worthy of ranking on page 1. Below are the areas I look at when writing SEO copy.


Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research on a page by page basis to find converting keywords and avoid cannibalism.

Competitor Research

Identifying what the top ranking competitors have in place and creating something better that adds real value.


SEO Copywriting

Creating content based on TF-IDF and competitor research as well as FAQs and whatever else is required to rank.

Technical SEO

Ensuring the content can be crawled, indexed and ranked appropriately whilst maximising visibility.


Keyword Optimisation

Optimising the page with keywords, including URLs, meta titles and descriptions, headers, copy and image alt attributes.

TF-IDF Analysis

Conducting Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency to find related language used in the top ten ranking pages.


Internal Linking

Building a link architecture which connects related pages together and improves rankings via optimised anchor text.

Landing Page Layout

Evaluating the structure of the page to create an optimised layout that meets search intent and ranking requirements.

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Matt Fisher

LiveWell Dorset

Tom’s a top quality SEO specialist whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. It was assuring to know that his safe pair of hands were maintaining and growing my website’s SERP ranking. His activity had us ranking in position zero or one for multiple key competitive search terms nationally.

Himanshu Karode

Axis House

Having worked with Tom when I was working at Axis House, the main objective was to improve visibility of our keywords and bring them higher on SERP. I can gladly say that we achieved #1 position for one of our key search term. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to enhance their SEO.

Andy Seddon

Commercial Washrooms

I have worked as a client of Toms for a number of years and have found him one of the most approachable and knowledgeable SEO specialists I have come across. His thirst to understand and keep abreast of technical SEO issues is second to none. I would highly recommend!

Gareth Edwards

Smile Stories

Tom perfectly navigated us out of a curious business position where we merged 3 separate websites into a single new one … and we’re delighted with the result. We’ve had a 6-12 month head start on our Google ranking because of this.

Sarah Howes

Good Oaks Home Care

Tom has been brilliant to work with, he is very proactive and is always suggesting ways we can improve our websites ranking. He is very reliable and is always on top of things. Would definitely recommend him to others.

Ecommerce product and category pages

Many ecommerce websites will use standardised manufacturers product descriptions, which is not a huge problem and saves time on writing copy for potentially thousands of product pages. However, this does mean the copy isn’t offering a competitive advantage from an SEO and UX (User Experience) perspective. My role as an SEO is to identify product and category pages with potential to drive more revenue and write copy that has a competitive edge, resulting in higher rankings, traffic and conversions.

Service landing pages

If you are marketing your service based business online, whether it be insurance, interior design, dentistry, SaaS or any other service, I can help by creating optimised web copy to attract potential customers and clients to your website. Service based websites often have many unexplored opportunities to attract new organic traffic, so my role is to identify those opportunities via keyword research and create optimised service pages that attract users who are ready to convert.

Local SEO landing pages

If you own a local business and need to attract more customers or clients within a specific location, you need a localised approach to SEO copywriting. From using geo-modified keywords to providing appropriate location information, I help by creating pages that will rank in the locations you need them to, whether that be a particular city, town or county, and will get local people visiting your website and using your services.

Blogs and whitepapers

My approach to blogging is very strategic and I don’t write copy for the sake of it. In many cases, I conduct keyword research to identify the questions people are asking about your products and services online, then write copy which is designed to get in front of those people. Blogs and whitepapers should attract their own traffic, but also support your commercially focussed landing pages too with appropriate internal linking.

​SEO copywriting examples

Epara Skincare

12,816% increase in organic traffic to the blog

epara 3

Epara Skincare creates a range of luxury skincare products. They had been writing blogs but had not defined a strategy and so the blog was bringing very little traffic to the site.

I worked with Epara Skincare to establish topics of interest to the audience such as hyperpigmentation and skin hydration and wrote them with that audience in mind. Organic traffic to the blog has increased by 12,816% (from around 12 visitors per month to 1,500 visitors per month).


Good Oaks Home Care

100% increase in organic conversions

good oaks new

Good Oaks Home Care provides home care services throughout the UK.

They have two websites, one for care receivers and a franchise website targeting potential franchisees.

I have helped to increase organic traffic to the care website by 50% and organic traffic to the franchise site by 235% with an 100% increase in conversions through the franchise site.

KTM Design

55% increase in organic conversions

ktm design 2

KTM Design provides interior design services for both residential and commercial projects.

I have worked with KTM to create new landing pages to dominate every area of Dorset, as well as looking at commercial landing pages such as ‘office interior design’.

Overall, KTM Design has seen a 43% increase in organic traffic and 55% increase in organic conversions.

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SEO Copywriting Freelancer FAQs

What does an SEO copywriter do?

An SEO copywriter’s job is to provide recommendations on the type of copy, whether that be commercially focussed landing pages or brand building blogs, that needs to be written in order to improve a website’s organic performance, and to write that copy in a way that ensures it is suitable for both Google and users.

Why hire a freelance copywriter?

Hiring an SEO copywriting freelancer ensures that a strategic approach is taken when writing your web copy. It takes years’ of experience to understand how to create copy that is truly competitive in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), so hiring a Freelance SEO Consultant will give you the best chance of ranking on Google.

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