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My experience as an SEO Website Migration Consultant

Having worked in SEO for nearly 9 years, I’ve now established myself as a specialist in SEO website migrations, helping many clients over the years to successfully migrate to a new web design, platform, domain or structure. Having taken the lead on website migrations for clients both big and small whilst working agency-side, I now manage the entire migration process as a Freelance Website Migration Consultant.

I’ve worked on many website migrations over the years, from large ecommerce sites to smaller, service-based websites, and have therefore developed a process which ensures your web designers, developers and project managers are armed with the knowledge they need to successfully migrate your website without harming organic performance.

I don’t rely on tools to do the analysis for me. I use Screaming Frog to crawl your site and analyse the data manually to get a true understanding of any issues that could cause a loss in organic visibility.

I’m based in Bournemouth, UK but the entire migration process can be done virtually.

My role in the migration process

My role in the migration process is to minimise the risk of losing organic visibility post-migration. I’ll be checking to make sure no SEO errors are made by designers or developers that could jeopardise your organic visibility and will be involved in the project from start to finish (and beyond). I’ll also be advising you on how to set your website up in an SEO-friendly way so that SEO can become a bigger part of your strategy moving forward.

My SEO Migration Services

Initial preparation

Benchmarking review

Reviewing the organic performance of the current site to identify priority areas to monitor during migration

Tech & design recommendations

Arming your web designers and developers with the general migration advice they need before starting the project

Design and structure

Sitemap review

Comparing old vs. new sitemap to ensure there aren’t any changes that could negatively impact SEO.

Web design review

Review of web design before build begins to ensure it is SEO friendly and making recommendations where necessary.

Technical auditing

Pre-migration tech SEO

Full crawl and analysis of the demo/staging site to ensure appropriate technical SEO setup.

301 redirect list review

Review of the 301 redirect list to ensure redirect mapping is set up appropriately. Fully tested in staging before go live.


Post-migration tech SEO

Full crawl and analysis of the live site to ensure appropriate technical SEO setup has been migrated across appropriately

Post-migration support

On hand for 2 weeks – 1 month post migration to answer any questions and review data.

Migrating your website?

Why you need an SEO consultant during a migration

Website migrations present a real risk to your keyword rankings, organic traffic and organic conversions. I’m not saying this to try and scare you, it’s just a fact. I’ve seen the after-effects of quite a few migrations-gone-wrong so I know just how devastating a failed migration can be. I’ve even helped quite a few clients to recover from organic visibility loss post-migration (see case study here) but it’s not a quick and easy process. Prevention is most definitely better than cure.

An SEO Website Migration Consultant such as myself is there to prevent technical, structural, content or design changes that can either confuse Google, cause a loss of organic visibility or get you removed from Google’s index altogether.

By choosing to work with me, you’ll have someone on board whose sole purpose throughout the entire migration is to think ‘SEO first’. While not every decision needs to be made for SEO, I can at least make you aware of any risky changes throughout the process so that you can make informed decisions.

While my general SEO migration process involves the essential areas to retain organic visibility, I do offer add-on services which look to help boost organic visibility.

SEO migration add-on services


Keyword auditing

Conducting a keyword audit to identify the specific keywords each page should target and creating optimised meta titles and descriptions for an organic boost post-migration.


Content auditing

Reviewing your proposed content to ensure it is optimsied for the search engines, creating content from scratch or auditing which pages can be removed during the migration.


301 redirect mapping

If you haven’t got the resources in-house to map your 301 redirects and your developers haven’t prepared a list, I can help with appropriate 301 redirect mapping too.


Backlink auditing

Reviewing your website’s existing backlink profile to identify priority pages that shouldn’t be removed as well as publications you need to contact to update important backlinks.


Competitor audits

Conducting competitor analysis to understand the SEO strategy of high-ranking competitors to ensure learnings from their strategy are used within your new website.


Content marketing

If you’re looking to go-live with a wealth of new content to give your SEO a boost, I can help with new landing pages, blogs, whitepapers and more.

A few of the clients I've helped with SEO website migrations...

Yonder Consulting
G H Bass & Co
Manutan UK
codestone logo
bfresh lgoo

Emily Jacobs

G.H.BASS Europe

We used Tom to help us migrate our website from the Magento platform to Shopify. It has been a huge success. Tom advised us on what we needed to do pre move and then closely monitored the website post move with regular updates and if he had any areas of concern. I would 100% recommend his services for any web migration projects.

Jamie Derrick

JD Ecommerce

Solid SEO expertise. Puts your mind at ease for site migrations knowing that everything has been thought of. High recommended.

Gareth Edwards

Smile Stories

Tom perfectly navigated us out of a curious business position where we merged 3 separate websites into a single new one … and we’re delighted with the result. We’ve had a 6-12 month head start on our Google ranking because of this.

David Ramsey

Radcliffe Group

Working alongside our internal team and web development agency, Tom has managed to find the technical problems on our main website and across our journal websites, recommend a strong strategy for fixing them and guide our web developers to implement the changes. Since working with Tom, we have seen strong recovery in our organic traffic which is still growing by the day.

Andy Seddon

Commercial Washrooms

I have worked as a client of Toms for a number of years and have found him one of the most approachable and knowledgeable SEO specialists I have come across. His thirst to understand and keep abreast of technical SEO issues is second to none. I would highly recommend!

Matt Fisher

LiveWell Dorset

Tom’s a top quality SEO specialist whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. It was assuring to know that his safe pair of hands were maintaining and growing my website’s SERP ranking. His activity had us ranking in position zero or one for multiple key competitive search terms nationally.

Sarah Howes

Good Oaks Home Care

Tom has been brilliant to work with, he is very proactive and is always suggesting ways we can improve our websites ranking. He is very reliable and is always on top of things. Would definitely recommend him to others.

Himanshu Karode

Axis House

Having worked with Tom when I was working at Axis House, the main objective was to improve visibility of our keywords and bring them higher on SERP. I can gladly say that we achieved #1 position for one of our key search term. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to enhance their SEO.

Types of website migration


Location migrations

Migrating to a new domain, subdomain, URL structure or any other type of site location change is fairly high risk and requires a keen eye to manage the process.


Design migrations

When designing a new website, it’s important to ensure you retain key SEO elements whilst also looking for opportunities to improve performance post-migration.


Platform migrations

Moving from one CMS to another, whether that be from Magento to Shopify, WordPress to Craft or any other type of platform migration comes with its own set of challenges.


Content migrations

When you’re looking to update your content or prune old content, you need to conduct a full audit to understand the role your content plays in SEO so you don’t lose something valuable.


Structural migrations

If you’re changing your website’s hierarchy, making changes to your navigation or internal linking, it’s important to consider how that might impact visibility for specific pages.


Website mergers

Often, businesses will look to consolidate their online presence by merging several websites together. If you want to retain as much SEO value across all of the sites as possible, it’s important to consider SEO throughout.

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After your website migration...

Once your website is successfully migrated, I am on hand to assess the initial impact. The first step is to crawl the site and ensure everything has been successfully migrated across from the staging environment to the live site. From there, I’ll be reviewing Search Console to keep an eye out for any errors as Google gradually crawls and indexes the new site. I’ll be reviewing how quickly Google starts to index the new sitemap and will report on any changes to traffic and the particular areas that have seen an impact. Migrations are often the best time to then roll straight into a monthly retainer where we can look to strengthen and build on the organic visibility of the new site over time.

Post-migration services

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Keyword Research

I look to discover the right keywords that will drive high-converting traffic. I use a variety of tools, including Google Keyword Planner and Semrush, to conduct extensive keyword research.
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On page optimisation

Once we know which keywords to target, I dig into any existing landing pages, and create new landing pages where necessary, that are perfectly optimised towards your target keywords.
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Technical SEO

If you want your website to rank well, you need to ensure that Googlebot (Google's crawler) is given clear and concise signals on how the site should be crawled and indexed first.
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SEO Audits

If you want to get a better understanding of your website’s SEO performance and how to improve it, I conduct keyword, content, technical, competitor, backlink audits and more.
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Local SEO

To rank in a particular town, city or county a local SEO approach is needed. Ranking in Google's local pack or at the top of any localised search requires a structured, localised approach.
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Link building

My outreach strategies more often than not go hand in hand with Content Marketing, as it's important to have the right offering in order to achieve a genuine and authoritative backlink.
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Content marketing

My Content Marketing strategies are focussed on what your business is trying to achieve and what your audience is searching for, whether that be blogs, whitepapers or landing pages.
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Algorithm recovery

If your site has been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update or a failed migration, I can help formulate an SEO strategy that will regain rankings, traffic and conversions over time.
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Let's talk about your website migration

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an SEO Consultant involved in your website migration. One of the main reasons I have seen websites lose rankings and traffic overnight is because of a failed migration, and more often than not an SEO was not consulted during the process.

I have managed countless website migrations over the years, including mergers of multiple websites into one, new website (read the case study here) and it’s probably one of my favourite projects to work on as there is so much data to dig into, and it’s a great feeling to be able to help ease a website owner’s worries during a migration.

From forming the right sitemap, to ensuring page design has considered SEO and managing the technical SEO setup, I help to keep your website performing at a high level post migration.

I have also done many audits for website owners who have just experienced a failed migration, and can identify anything that may have gone wrong along the way and help with a plan for recovery.

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How long does SEO for a site migration take?

SEO for a website migration should be part of the project from the very beginning, with each stage of planning, designing and developing the site including input from your chosen SEO Website Migration Consultant. Therefore, SEO takes as long as the project takes. I pride myself on being quick to respond and ensuring my work does not hold the project up.

How much does SEO website migration consultation cost?

The cost of SEO website migration consultation will depend on the size of your website, the complexity of the migration and the level of involvement you want from your chosen SEO Website Migration Consultant. Get in touch with me for a bespoke quote for your project.

Can you guarantee my website won’t lose any organic visibility during the migration?

No, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. My migration process is very thorough and if there are issues that will cause a loss in organic visibility due to errors in the design or build, I will spot them, but no one can guarantee that you won’t see a loss in visibility post-migration.

Can you review my site following a failed migration?

Yes, I have reviewed many sites following failed website migrations to discover the issues that caused a drop in organic visibility and have helped to rebuild organic ranking, traffic and conversions.