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Algorithm recovery

Regain lost rankings and traffic due to a Google algorithm update

Google’s algorithm updates cause website owners and SEO’s a lot of stress, and whether your site has been at the wrong end of an algorithm update because of an issue on the site, or whether you were just unlucky, I can help with a plan of action to recover.

Core algorithm updates often cause major ranking fluctuations, and when a site sees a big decline overnight, it can be worrying. The road to recovery can be a long one, but I have helped many clients to regain their lost rankings and traffic over time with a strong and structured SEO strategy.


Research phase

The first step is to identify how bad the website has been hit, where the biggest declines are and whether there are any issues that have caused the drop in visibility.


Recovery plan

Putting together an algorithm update recovery plan based on the keyword, content and technical SEO research already conducted.


Strategy implementation

Implementation of the recovery strategy, whether that be improvements to copy, keyword targeting, backlink profiles or technical SEO fixes.


Analysis and review

Ongoing analysis of the strategy to identify any changes in visibility and prioritise the actions that are offering the highest success rates.

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