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Keyword Research

Identify the right keywords that will drive high-converting traffic to your site

Your website needs a well structured keyword strategy in order to attract the right organic traffic. Keyword research isn’t just about finding keywords with the highest search volume (although that is part of it), it’s also about finding the most relevant keywords and cross referencing that information with your website’s current rankings and ranking competitors to identify keywords with the highest potential to rank better.

I conduct keyword research on a page by page basis and pull in search volumes, current rankings, any Search Console click data and any PPC conversion data available to make informed decisions about which keywords to target. All of this information is combined in one document so that everyone is aware of what we are trying to achieve.


Keyword Audits

Most SEO projects usually start with a keyword audit to identify the keywords users are searching to find your products or services. I select the right keywords, backed by data.


Keyword Research

Continuous keyword research allows us to find new opportunities, understand how the search landscape is changing and capitalize on any search trends that emerge.


Keyword Performance

Understanding how your website currently performs for specific keywords allows us to target those keywords that have a higher chance of driving traffic and leads to your site.


Keyword Strategy

Knowing which keywords to target is one thing, but understanding how to rank for those keywords requires a well-planned strategy and the correct implementation.

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