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On page optimisation

Optimising pages to improve their performance

Once your keyword research is complete, the next stage is to use this information to better optimise existing landing pages, or to create entirely new landing pages that are going to attract the right kind of traffic.  

On page optimisation isn’t just about putting keywords on the page – there’s much more of an art to it than that. I consider everything from keyword optimisation to landing page layout, content, internal linking, competitor insights and more to boost the performance of landing pages and to get new pages ranking quicker.

My comprehensive landing page optimisation process has proven to improve rankings time and time again, ensuring the right users find your website at the right time.


Keyword research

Conducting keyword research on a page by page basis to avoid cannibalism.


Competitor research

Identifying what the top ranking competitors have in place and creating something better.


Keyword optimisation

Optimising the page with keywords, including URLs, meta titles and descriptions, headers, copy and image alt attributes.


TF-IDF analysis

Conducting Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency to find related language used in the top ten ranking pages for the desired keyword.


Content additions

Creating content based on TF-IDF and competitor research as well as FAQs and more.


Internal linking

Building a link architecture which helps to improve rankings via optimised anchor text.


Technical SEO

Ensuring the page can be crawled, indexed and ranked appropriately whilst maximising visibility via enhancements such as schema.


Landing page layout

Evaluating the structure of the page to ensure it meets searcher intent and ranking requirements.

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