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Website migrations

Retain and improve upon the value of your website during a migration

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an SEO involved in your website migration. One of the main reasons I have seen websites lose rankings and traffic overnight is because of a failed migration, and more often than not an SEO was not consulted during the process.

I have managed countless website migrations over the years, including mergers of multiple websites into one, new website (read the case study here) and it’s probably one of my favourite projects to work on as there is so much data to dig into, and it’s a great feeling to be able to help ease a website owner’s worries during a migration.

From forming the right sitemap, to ensuring page design has considered SEO and managing the technical SEO setup, I help to keep your website performing at a high level post migration.

I have also done many audits for website owners who have just experienced a failed migration, and can identify anything that may have gone wrong along the way and help with a plan for recovery.


Design migrations

Successfully planning a new SEO friendly website design and migration.


Domain migrations

One of the riskier migrations, changing your domain requires proper planning.


Content migrations

Moving content over to a new platform or changing content should be managed appropriately.


Website mergers

Merging multiple websites is a great opportunity to structure your site appropriately.

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