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Angel & Rocket

Angel & Rocket designs stylish children’s clothing from 0-14 years using premium fabrics and sells them via their online store and through retail partners.


Increase organic rankings, traffic and sales through the website

The Angel & Rocket brand has a strong retail presence in stores such as John Lewis and Joules, but they were keen to increase sales directly through their own website in order to maximise profits.


Keyword research and optimisation

The Angel & Rocket clothing line has a strong brand identity, with most products having their own unique names. However, keyword research was required to identify how users were searching for these products. Meta titles and descriptions were then optimised for each product, ensuring we kept the brand identity on the page itself but securing increased visibility in the process. High priority products were further optimised and new, optimised category pages were created to attract a wider audience.


Angel & Rocket has seen impressive growth in its non-brand organic visibility, with huge increases in keyword rankings for targeted terms, organic traffic and, most importantly, organic revenue.

YoY increase in organic revenue
YoY increase in non-brand organic traffic
YoY increase in total organic traffic
YoY improvement in average ranking for non-brand keywords

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