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Codestone is a SaaS company providing Systems Applications and Products (SAP) and IT managed services.


Looking to achieve page 1 rankings for target keywords

Codestone wanted to achieve page one rankings for some of the most sought after keywords in their industry in order to increase both organic traffic and conversions on a particular set of product pages.


Thorough auditing

I conducted one-off SEO audits for three products on the site, with the aim of identifying a strategy that would help these pages to achieve page one rankings for their respective keywords. I made keyword optimisation recommendations as well as technical SEO, content and backlink recommendations for each page, which the client then implemented.


The Codestone website achieved page one rankings for all of the target keywords. Clicks through to these pages saw a 56% increase YoY.

Page 1
rankings achieved for target keywords
increase in organic sessions YoY to optimised pages
"Tom is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. His sound advice gets the results you want. Highly recommended from me."
Paul Willaims
Head of Digital Acquisition

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